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Advanced Endoscopy Around Town Program

Advanced Endoscopy Around Town (AEAT) Program
Program Mission

  • To provide an opportunity for 1st and 2nd year GI fellows to gain exposure to various advanced endoscopy procedures at a variety of hospitals/institutions around the greater New York area
  • To foster an environment that allows for future mentorship in GI endoscopy among program participants and host institutions
Note: The AEAT Program is not meant to create a mechanism for future employment or advanced endoscopy fellowship opportunities
Ideal Candidate
The ideal AEAT candidate is an NYSGE fellow member who is contemplating a career in therapeutic or interventional endoscopy. Ideally, the candidate trains in a fellowship program in which there is little exposure to advanced endoscopy in the first 1-2 years, and/or a training program without a large advanced endoscopy practice.

AEAT Program Week at a Glance
Pairs of GI fellows are selected and participate together during the same week. The pair of participants spend one day at each of five different institutions, rotating day-to-day to each of five locations. Depending on institutional participation, more than one pair of participants may be selected.
Each institution hosts two GI fellows on the same day, so that hosting is limited to only one day of the program week. The institution is responsible for planning the day’s experience, but it is expected that the fellows will be able to observe therapeutic or advanced procedures and engage in conversation about the cases and advanced endoscopy with all levels of staff.
Application and Selection Procedures
  • A call for applicants will be sent out 8 weeks in advance of the program week.
  • All applicants must be fellow members of NYSGE 
  • The AEAT Physician Administrator will review applications and select participants
  • Participating fellows will receive a schedule showing the institutions, contact names, and time to report for each of the five days of the program 
Click Here for the Online Application Form

Participating Centers

New York-Presbyterian Medical Center – Columbia Campus
Lenox Hill Hospital
Montefiore Medical Center
Mount Sinai Hospital
Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital
NYU Langone Medical Center
Stony Brook University Hospital
Weill-Cornell Medical Center