NYSGE | New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Fellowship in NYSGE

Fellowship in the New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy is an honor created to acknowledge significant contributions to the field of endoscopy and to NYSGE. Significant contributions may be recognized in the following areas:
  • Professional achievement
  • Service to the NYSGE
  • Contributions to education in endoscopy
  • Contributions to research in endoscopy
  • Excellence in patient care
Evidence of significant contributions may be based on local, regional, and national leadership positions; recognized community service; faculty appointment in a teaching hospital; investigator status for published research; leadership position in local hospital or health care institution, and other areas of achievement as approved by the NYSGE Governing Council.
Applications are reviewed and approved on a rolling basis. New recipients of the NYSGEF designation are recognized at the Annual Dinner Meeting each February and presented with an engraved crystal award.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:
1. NYSGE member in good standing, having maintained membership for a
   minimum period of 5 years, including 3 years of continuous membership
   reflecting minimally the year of application and the 2 years immediately
   prior to application.

2. Service in clinical practice or academic practice for at least 5 years since
    completion of fellowship.

3. Submission of a complete application form indicating evidence of involvement
    or participation in NYSGE activities to include a minimum of one of the
    a. Attended a minimum of three (3) NYSGE events accredited for Continuing
        Medical Education over three consecutive years.
    b. Attended the NYSGE Annual New York Course at least five (5) times.
    c. Organized, lectured at, or moderated an NYSGE seminar at least three (3)
    d. Organized, lectured at, or moderated at the Annual New York Course at
         least three (3) times.
    e. Past or current service on the NYSGE Executive Council.
    f.  Recipient of an NYSGE Florence Lefcourt Award for Endoscopic Research
        and Public Education.
    g. Recipient of an NYSGE service award.

4. $250 non-refundable application fee, which includes an engraved crystal
    award recognizing NYSGEF status.

Fellows of the NYSGE shall remain in good standing and renew membership annually.
Click Here for the Application Form

Please email applications to: info@nysge.org
Or, mail application and/or check payment to:
1461 First Avenue, Suite 324
New York, NY 10075-2201

Click Here to Pay by Credit Card
Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.  The NYSGE Council meets monthly, except in July, and will consider each application at the meeting following its receipt.
NYSGEF Recipients
George G. Abdelsayed (2016)
Brian P. Bosworth (2014)

Lawrence J. Brandt (2014)
Jerome S. Breslaw (2014)
David L. Carr-Locke (2015)
Maurice A. Cerulli (2014)
Jonathan Cohen (2014)

Christopher J. DiMaio (2015)
Angie Eng (2014)
Susana Gonzalez (2016)
Adam J. Goodman (2016)
Peter H. R. Green (2014)
David A. Greenwald (2014)
Frank G. Gress (2014)
Victor W. Groisser (2014)
Seth A. Gross (2016)
Gregory B. Haber (2017)
Sammy Ho (2015)
Franklin E. Kasmin (2014)
Michelle Kang Kim (2014)
Sang Hoon Kim (2017)

Arnon Lambroza (2014)
Blair S. Lewis (2014)
Charles J. Lightdale (2014)
Arnold J. Markowitz (2014)
Richard S. McCray (2014)
Kevin P. Morrissey (2014)
Yitzchak Moskowitz (2016)
Michel E. Nussbaum (2015)
Haleh Pazwash (2016)
John M. Poneros (2016)
David H. Robbins (2015)
Alfred Roston (2014)
Jean W. Saleh (2014)
Mark Schattner (2017)

Ellen J. Scherl (2014)
Felice Schnoll-Sussman (2014)
Jerome H. Siegel (2014)
Anthony A. Starpoli (2014)
Scott Tenner (2014)
Jerome D. Waye (2014)
Sidney J. Winawer (2014)