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NYSGE Conversations

Award for Collaborative Endoscopy Research in Honor of Florence Lefcourt

Dr. Steven Itzkowitz of Mount Sinai School of Medicine was recently announced as the first recipient of the new NYSGE Award for Collaborative Endoscopy Research (ACER) in honor of Florence Lefcourt. The two-year $100,000 grant, the largest ever given by NYSGE, is supported through the NYSGE Endowment Fund.

The award will support the New York CRAYON Consortium (ColoRectal Cancer in Adults at Young Onset), established in 2018 as a multicenter study comprised of members from Mount Sinai, New York University, Cornell, Columbia, Montefiore and Northwell Health for the purpose of studying comprehensive risk factors for individuals with early onset colorectal cancer using a case control study.

In this NYSGE Conversation, President David L. Carr-Locke, MD discusses with Dr. Itzkowitz the impact ACER is expected to make on the development of CRAYON. Dr. Carr-Locke also talks with Dr. Tamas A. Gonda, Chair of the NYSGE Research Committee, about how NYSGE is uniquely positioned to foster collaboration within the New York GI research community.

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