44th Annual New York Course Exhibits and Sponsorships

2020 Endoscopic Vision:
Looking Back, Looking Forward
December 16-18, 2020

Annual New York GI Fellows Endoscopy Course
December 12-15, 2020

44th Annual New York Course Program

Exhibit and Sponsorship Prospectus

Download the Exhibit and Sponsorship Prospectus
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  • Registrant Mailing List Rental
  • Rules and Regulations

How to Reserve Exhibit Space

Step 1
Create an Industry Partner profile. There should be only one Industry Partner per company (or company division) and only the Industry Partnermay reserve exhibit space. The Industry Partner is generally the company's trade show manager or person authorized to reserve exhibit space for the company. 

The Industry Partner profile form looks like a Membership Application. The first field is Membership Options. Be sure to choose Industry Partner from the dropdown menu. Do not choose Active Member or Trainee Member.

Click Here to create an Industry Partner profile.

Step 2
After creating an Industry Partner profile, access the Reserve Virtual Exhibit Space page and enter the required information to reserve exhibit space for the 44th Annual New York Course.


Space Reservations and Payment

Submit support requests online.

Payment in full is required by November 15, 2020. Requests are not confirmed until payment in full is received. Failure to comply may jeopardize your reservation or result in loss of sponsorship benefits.

Silver and Gold Level Payment Methods
ACH Transfer, Checks, and Credit Card Payments

Send Checks to:
c/o Digestive HealthWorks, LLC
3300 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Premier Level Payment Methods
ACH Transfer and Checks sent to the address shown above

NYSGE Form W-9

NYSGE Form W-9

Invitation to Exhibit

If your company requires a Letter of Invitation to Exhibit, or you need a form completed in order to participate, please send to info@nysge.org as early as possible.

Registrant Mailing List Rental

Registrant Mailing List Rental Form
Credit Card Payment Link for Mailing List Rental

Course and NYSGE Website Advertising Options

Industry Access

Annual Course Registration by Vendor and Non-Medical Personnel
Corporate VIPs, executives, medical science liaison officers, technical staff, trainees, and other vendor personnel affiliated with exhibiting companies may purchase a full registration to the Annual Course. Full registration provides admittance to accredited sessions for personal educational and training purposes only.

Contact Information

Robin Weidy, Exhibit Manager

Course Format

Virtual Event

Exhibit Hours

Saturday, December 12, 2020
Friday, December 18, 2020