2020 ACER Award

Award for Collaborative Endoscopy Research (ACER) in Honor of Florence Lefcourt 

Application Deadline  December 11, 2020 by 6:00 pm EST

Letter of Intent Is No Longer Required
  • Applicants who wish to submit a Letter of Intent should still do so by September 15, 2020.
  • Those who submit a Letter of Intent will be invited to present their proposal to a working group of the NYSGE Research Committee and receive feedback
  • Proposal presentations will be individually scheduled for mid-October
  • Proposal presentations will be confidential between the applicants and working group and will not be held in an open forum
  • All applications, with or without a prior Letter of Intent, will be given equal consideration if they meet eligibility criteria
Submission deadline for Optional Letter of Intent is September 15, 2020 
To submit, please address your Letter of Intent to “NYSGE Research Committee” and include all of the following information:
  • Name, Institution, Contact Information and Bio-Sketch for the Principal Investigator and Anticipated Collaborators
  • Project Title
  • Description of Project Aims and Collaboration Structure (limited to 1 page)
Use PDF format and send to both info@nysge.org and kcervenka@digestivehealthworks.org

Award Description

The NYSGE Award for Collaborative Endoscopy Research (ACER) in Honor of Florence Lefcourt provides funding for multi-institutional collaboration focused on translational or clinical research with a strong emphasis on gastrointestinal endoscopy. NYSGE is particularly interested in research pertaining to, in no order of preference: cancer screening and therapy, endoscopy training, novel endoscopic treatments, biomarker research, health disparities, quality measurement and improvement, cost-benefit analyses, health economics, endoscope reprocessing and infection control, and other imaging and interventions that are guided by endoscopy. 
The Society’s primary goal is to foster greater scientific collaboration among several metropolitan New York institutions. Therefore, the grant requires active collaboration of at least three institutions. Two of the institutions, including the lead institution or investigator, must be based in metropolitan New York. Strong preference will be given to studies that could not reasonably be conducted without a collaborative approach and to investigators who have demonstrated prior collaboration or have collected preliminary data to support feasibility.  
ACER in Honor of Florence Lefcourt is a two-year award with total funding of $100,000. No indirect funds will be provided. The initial Year 1 award will be $50,000. The Research Committees of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and NYSGE will review progress after 12 months. Further funding is contingent upon meeting pre-defined milestones.


Award Term  Two years, up to $50,000 per year, contingent upon Year 1 progress
Grant Commencement  July 2021


July-August 2020  Website and Email Announcements
September 15, 2020  Submission deadline for optional Letter of Intent 
Mid-October 2020  Applicants who submitted a Letter of Intent are invited to present their proposals to an NYSGE working group and receive feedback in a confidential and closed setting 
December 11, 2020  Submission deadline for final grant application

Application Process and Requirements

Principal Investigator from each institution must be a member of both ASGE and NYSGE

Applications must conform to ASGE requirements and guidelines for grant requests

require electronic submission. Applications must be submitted as a single PDF document via email to both info@nysge.org and grants@asge.org. If you experience problems or have questions, please contact both info@nysge.org and grants@asge.org.

Click Here for the Application Packet
(Available September 2020)


The deadline for applications is December 11, 2020 by 6:00 pm EST 

Questions about ACER?

Contact info@nysge.org