Annual Business Meeting of Members

The Annual Business Meeting of Members is held on the first Wednesday of February.

2023-2024 Governing Council

President: Juan Carlos Bucobo, MD, NYSGEF
Vice-President: John M. Poneros, MD, NYSGEF
Treasurer: Reem Z. Sharaiha, MD, MSc, NYSGEF
Secretary: Tamas A. Gonda, MD, NYSGEF
Membership Director: Robin B. Mendelsohn, MD 
Immediate Past President: Satish Nagula, MD, NYSGEF
Past President: David L. Carr-Locke, MD, NYSGEF
Audit Committee Chair: Brian P. Bosworth, MD, NYSGEF
Councilor: Julie Yang, MD, NYSGEF
Councilor: Nikhil A. Kumta, MD, MS
Councilor: Carl Crawford, MD
Councilor: Shireen Pais, MD
Councilor: Melissa Latorre, MD, MS
Councilor: Petros C. Benias, MD
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Director: Amrita Sethi, MD, MSc, NYSGEF
Education, Training and New Initiatives Director: David A. Greenwald, MD, NYSGEF
Education, Training and New Initiatives Associate Director: Sherif Andrawes, MD
Private Practice Director: Gil I. Ascunce, MD, NYSGEF
Research Director: Arvind Trindade, MD
Website, Technology and Social Media Director: Anthony A. Starpoli, MD, NYSGEF

Brief History of NYSGE

The New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (NYSGE) was founded in 1974 by Drs. Henry Colcher, Howard J. Eddy Jr., Richard McCray, Paul Sherlock, Hiromi Shinya, Jerome D. Waye, Sidney J. Winawer and David S. Zimmon, with the goal of developing a New York working group of friends to teach each other and disseminate their collective knowledge of gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Over the years, the Society has flourished and today is comprised of more than 300 attending members and over 200 fellows.  NYSGE is the largest regional endoscopic society in the United States.  To fulfill its mission of education and research, the society hosts numerous seminars throughout the year, including an annual summer endoscopy course for new fellows, and sponsors the Annual New York Course, a major postgraduate endoscopy conference each December.  NYSGE also endows the $10,000 Florence Lefcourt Award, which is presented for endoscopic research or community outreach initiatives.

NYSGE: An Historical Perspective by Richard McCray, MD and Sidney Winawer, MD, August 31, 2007

Past Presidents

2022  Satish Nagula
2021  David L. Carr-Locke 
2020  Amrita Sethi
2019  Sammy Ho
2018  Seth A. Gross
2017  Christopher J. DiMaio
2016  Jonathan M. Buscaglia
2015  Adam J. Goodman
2014  Brian P. Bosworth
2013  Michelle Kang Kim
2012  Anthony A. Starpoli
2011  Frank G. Gress
2010  Mark Schattner
2009  Felice Schnoll-Sussman
2008  Scott Tenner
2007  Alfred Roston
2006  Arnold J. Markowitz
2005  Franklin E. Kasmin
2004  Jonathan Cohen
2003  Peter D. Stevens
2002  Seth Cohen
2001  David A. Greenwald
2000  Hans Gerdes
1999  Arnon Lambroza
1998  Angie Eng
1997  Harry Snady
1996  Ira S. Goldman
1995  Peter H. R. Green
1994  Peter K. Wayne
1993  Blair S. Lewis
1992  Ira M. Jacobson
1991  Ellen J. Scherl
1990  William P. Winkler
1989  Maurice Cerulli
1988  Jean W. Saleh
1987  Jerome S. Breslaw
1986  Kevin P. Morrissey
1985  Lawrence J. Brandt
1984  Ali Ghazi
1983  Jerome J. Siegel
1982  Charles J. Lightdale
1981  David B. Falkenstein
1980  Victor W. Groisser
1979  Kenneth A. Forde
1978  Sidney J. Winawer
1977  Jerome D. Waye
1976  David S. Zimmon
1975  Richard S.McCray
1974  Richard S.McCray