NYSGE | New York Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Video Forum Submission

Peter D. Stevens, MD Endoscopic Video Forum

Thursday, December 14

Submission Deadline
Monday, November 13

  • Subject matter must be endoscopic in nature and pose a clinical challenge or demonstrate an intriguing technique
  • Files may be no more than 3 minutes in length and may include a narrative audio track that will be used for review purposes, but will not be part of the live presentation
  • Up to five videos will be selected. If chosen, you must be present to narrate your video during the video forum. A two-minute panel discussion will follow each presentation
  • An award will be presented to the top video, and the winner announced at the NYSGE Annual Dinner Meeting in February 2018
Submission Instructions - Follow Carefully
  • Prepare an MS Word file that includes your Full Name, Institution, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Name both this and your video file as follows: Your Last Name – Institution – Abbreviated Title of Video
  • Email just your MS Word File to both info@nysge.org and kcervenka@digestivehealthworks.org
  • Once received, you will be sent instructions on how to submit your video file
  • Notification of acceptance status will be made on a rolling basis beginning on November 1 and continuing on a space-available basis through the final submission deadline of November 13. Submit early!
  • Email questions to Video Forum Coordinators Anthony Starpoli, MD, Tamas Gonda, MD and Nikhil Kumta, MD
Be certain your files are named properly and that both an identification file and video file are ultimately submitted.